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Invest In Your Health: Daily Deposit Checklist

rainbow-womanDaily Health Checklist:

  • Did I wake up with a mindset of gratitude? What am I grateful for?
  • Did I have a healthy breakfast that includes high fiber, fruit or vegetable, good protein, and good healthy fat?
  • Did I stretch to improve my daily movement?
  • Did I exercise today? Look at yourself naked in the mirror to see where you need motivation. Ask for a FREE fitness pass to workout. (319)337-6000.
  • Did I exercise my brain? Do a daily crossword or Sudoku, read a book, learn something new.
  • Did I take my nutritional supplements? Omega 3, Multivitamin, Vit. D, probiotic.
  • Did I drink 70-90 ounces of water? Drink ½ your body weight in ounces every day.
  • Did I spend time with family and friends?
  • Did I consume healthy snacks throughout the day? Nuts, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, etc.
  • Did I avoid high sugar carbs? White flour, high fructose corn syrup, etc.
  • Did I eat a healthy meal with my family?
  • Did I practice relaxation? 4-6-8 breathing (in for a 4 count, hold for a 6 count, exhale for an 8 count) or 10 minutes of meditation.
  • Did I go to bed at a proper time to allow 7-8 hours of sleep?

Follow this checklist for 4-6 weeks on a daily basis until it becomes habit.

~Dr. Jake Young CCEP

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