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Meet Our Doctors

Iowa City Chriopractor, Dr. Jake Young

Dr. Jake Young

Dr. Jacob Young | Chiropractor

Dr. Jake Young loves helping his Iowa City patients get back in the game. When he was a younger athlete, Dr. Jake went to chiropractors as he sustained various injuries while playing sports. This continued on to his college years where he played basketball. Doing so allowed him to keep playing and practicing.

As an athlete, Dr. Jake enjoys the active lifestyle aspect of chiropractic. He likes helping his patients pursue the sports and activities that they are passionate about. Chiropractic care takes a preventative approach to your health. It’s not about giving medication once there’s a problem, it’s about helping bodies function at their optimum ability so problems don’t arise in the first place. read more»

Iowa City Chiropractor, Dr. Jess Young

Dr. Jessica Young

Dr. Jessica Young | Chiropractor

As the daughter of a chiropractor, Ohio native Dr. Jess Young is dedicated to helping Iowa City families get well and stay well. She grew up with chiropractic and heard how helpful chiropractic was to her dad’s patients. She would hear patients say how great he made them feel, and how much he improved their lives.

Dr. Jess pretended to be a chiropractor even before she could walk and adjusted her Care Bears for practice. When she got into college, she joined the military and was part of the Air National Guard. It was in the military that she had her first exposure to conventional medicine. Dr. Jess realized, however, that the medical approach just masked symptoms and ignored the root causes of health problems. read more»

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