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New Year New You: A New Year's Resolution Done Right

salad or cakeStudies suggest that upwards of 50% of Americans set a New Year’s resolution. After 2 weeks, 50% of these individuals have already stopped. 3 weeks later, 90% of the resolutions are forgotten and on average 92% are unsuccessful. Unfortunately, these same resolutions are repeated year after year, never to be completed.

Is 2017 going to be any different? First of all, set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based). Do not make resolutions. Have a purpose behind your goals. What is your “why”? Don’t just say I want to lose weight. Set a goal of “I want to lose 40 pounds so I can have more energy to play my kids. I want to live to play with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” Next, always remember that your thoughts equal your actions. Don’t go in thinking that you’re going to fail. And third, how are you tracking your goals? Accountability is key.

Here at Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness we can help you reach all of your personal and family wellness goals. Check out this example of a New Year’s resolution done the correct way:

The 8 Weeks to Wellness program has changed my life. I have lost weight, gotten stronger, and become more confident. I have learned about chiropractic, fitness, and nutrition. This program has increased my focus and discipline in all facets of my life. I can manage the stress that I have at work and at home much more efficiently now and because of this, I am a much more engaged spouse and parent. Even though my career is stressful, I can control it instead of it controlling me. Thanks to the staff at Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness for supporting me throughout the program. I now feel equipped to maintain and continue improving my health after the program. I only wish I would have done this program sooner.


Find out how Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness and the 8WW program can help you stop making resolutions and START making sustainable changes to your health. You only get one body. Learn how to take care of it and start creating healthy habits for the rest of your life. Contact us today at (319)337-6000 and start your journey to a new you.

Jacob Young DC CCEP

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